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Susan Letcher, Pleasantville NY

I LOVE my new geothermal system! It's hard to put into words how much this means to me. I've had the dream of getting one installed for more than a decade, ever since I first learned about the technology. Thanks for making my dream a reality! I feel very fortunate. I value your deep knowledge of your craft and your unwavering commitment to doing what's right. I will be sure to recommend your company far and wide.

The Arovas Family, Scarsdale NY

January 25, 2012

Dear Lloyd,

I want to thank you for your exceptional work designing and supervising the installation of our geothermal system and optimizing the overall energy performance of our renovated home. Now that we have been lviing in the house for close to a year, my awife and I are amazed at the improvements in energy efficiency, comfort, and ease of use. When we began our project, we had sincere doubts about what we could realistically accomplish with a leaky and inefficient house from the 1920's. Your approach to engineering the entire house for optimal performance, rather than focusing on only one system or trade in isolation, as well as your uncompromising attention to detail, has done wonders for the performance of our house. The post-construction energy audits shows that the house is almost 30% better than the current energy code for new construction. But even more importantly, every room in the house is now comfortable in both the summer and winter without the enormous cost that we incurred before the renovation.

Best of luck with your future projects.


The Arovas Family

Todd Pascarella

Lloyd Hamilton is a valuable asset to have on board any home energy project. He has more experience than practically anyone when it comes to designing and installing geothermal HVAC systems, and his approach of always looking at the big picture and staying true to the concept of the 'whole house as a system' makes him extremely effective. Whether it is retrofitting an older home, or establishing high energy performance during new construction, Lloyd's attention to detail and conscientiousness about getting excellent results for his clients really sets him apart. I confidently refer Lloyd to many of my clients whenever I believe his expertise can be helpful and his input always takes the project to the next level. I recommend Lloyd Hamilton of Verdae, LLC to anyone who is either interested in geothermal HVAC or is addressing complex energy issues and needs a specialist with experience to help navigate them.

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If you are searching for a company that has a total in-house operation and a proven track record for providing homeowners with all of their WaterFurnace geothermal heating and cooling needs, you can trust Verdae Geothermal. Our company is proud to offer the following services to all of our customers...

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